Design Trends 2020 - The In and the OUT

IN: Layering old and new

In with the mixing and matching of contemporary and traditional and out with the 'one-stop-shop' design solutions. After all, there are many-a-story to tell and be told:)  

Layering Old & New

OUT: OCD and Perfection

Let the bohemia and lived-in take over this year:). Celebrate the worn and the lived-in for a feeling that nothing is overtly composed, structured or precious. Think all things old and weathered, raw and imperfect. You can always achieve that coveted and effortless 'wabi-sabi' touch with ceramics, metalware and more.  

IN: Antique and Ancestral

Create focal points in your home with textiles and techniques that represent generations of craft, culture and heritage. From one hand into another, from one home to another with an expression, soul and purpose.

Antique & Ancestral

OUT: Minimalism

Truly unique spaces start right here at Story! Load up on lots of color; the more artwork and cushions the better. Strive for cozy and comfort - you can never have too many books. And lastly-- don't strive for perfection but for personalization.

IN: Customized nooks and furniture 

In is creating infinite possibilities to express yourself with upholstery. The process can be made of decisions, decisions, decisions - when it comes to upholstery, the endless amount of choices can make picking the right fabric quite daunting. Pattern or solid? Bold or neutral? Fabric or leather? But, not to fear. Think fearlessly and Story's bespoke textile collection and design flava will do the rest!

Customized Nooks

OUT: Singular design schemes

Well, nobody is perfect , so as people gravitate toward expressing their personalities through design, it's not a surprise that we'll be seeing less perfection and design schemes that only focus on a single theme or trend. Our favorite is the boho vibe which effortlessly blends vintage with contemporary and delivers cozy!

IN: Natural Materials 

In is using wool, cotton, linen, alpaca and natural fibres in your textile, tapestry and design schemes - with sustainable and plant-based dyes wherever possible. These materials are healthy, cleanable, breathable and age beautifully:)

Natural Materials

OUT: Everything faux 

Let's get real about faux! Faux-anything, whether plants or finishes simply feel insincere and gimmicky. Return to real and authentic emphasizes a comeback to elements  that require care and creation by artisans, rather than mass manufacturing and allows for them au natural, heavenly-home-haven vibes.