Bespoke Textiles

Our homes are the ultimate reflection of who we are. And while we (of course) think our pieces would look great in yours, sometimes you just can’t find that one you would call a soulmate. We get it. 

With our ‘Design Your Own’ service you can create a handcrafted textile that is completely tailored to your personal style. Whether it’s customization of an existing design or a bespoke creation, only fabric or finished pieces (be it curtains, throws or cushions), we will work with you and our artisan partners to design and bring your creation to life. 

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We at Story are big fans of upholstery. It can breathe life into old furniture. Transform and elevate affordable home decor. Or add an element of eccentricity to otherwise minimalistic interiors. 

If you are looking to rev up one of your indispensable pieces, all you have to do is send us a brief description with size and image of the piece you would like reupholstered. We will guide you through design recommendations, textile options and take care of pick up and drop off. Easy peasy. 

To get started, take a leaf through our textile lookbook or drop us a note on

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our upholstery process