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Story is a narrative. A narrative born at the source to articulate extraordinary stories of ordinary people. People who have continued to enlighten us, connect us and capture our imagination, during our travels and beyond.

Avid travelers, many-a-times we have lugged our finds across cities, countries and airports. Finds that embody stories of revival, a sense of belonging, cultural identity, regional pride, and more. Hard to come by in Dubai where we live, it’s these stories that brought us together. And it’s these stories that we want to share with you, with a higher purpose of empowering skilled craft workers and artisan communities in developing countries.

Story’s story (no pun intended) has been long in the making, but it was a trip to Guatemala in October 2018 where Story of Source was born. Guatemala gave our intent color, our dreams shape and further fueled our desire to preserve and nourish indigenous craft in a fair and sustainable manner. 

An ode to the country that started this journey, our debut story celebrates the artistry of Guatemala with seven individual artisans and collectives, each an expert in their craft, from leather work to backstrap weaving to rug making. All our pieces are produced using indigenous techniques, plant-based dyes and sustainable materials in a fair-trade environment, with artisans setting the prices for their goods.  

It is our hope that with every collection, Story will help sustain indigenous craftsmanship and encourage artisanry, a dying art in many parts of the world.  

Guatemala is just the beginning. With each season, we endeavor to put forth a collection and share stories from a new source, a new indigenous community, with another journey in the making. We hope our pieces immerse you in their stories as much as they brighten up your home and style. 

Your storytellers,
Janak & Yulia

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