Wayil Swan Cushion

Dhs. 269 Dhs. 365

Subtle texture. Versatile pattern. Enchanting hues. We may be in love.

Expertly finished, our Swan pillow balances playfulness with sophistication. While free threads and waterfall pattern create a dimensional feel that invites a closer look.

Handwoven using traditional backstrap weaving technique, this cushion takes xxx days to craft and comes with a pre-filled cruelty-free down alternative insert and off-white recycled cotton backing. 

Nestled in one of the side streets in Antigua and aptly discovered during our first visit to Guatemala in 2018, Wayil by Algodones Mayas store is a true treat for the senses. Minimalist yet brimming with texture, lush cotton cushions, throws and runners aplenty - all ethically handcrafted by female artisans right there in Guatemala - were impossible to pass by. 

Founded nearly 30 years ago by Maria Luz Gonzalez and her husband, Horacio Villavicencio, Algodones Mayas has one mission – to help preserve Guatemala’s rich culture, land, natural colors and motives which includes the brown color of the cotton, that the Mayans used to weave their clothes. Growing and cultivating native pre-hispanic cotton, they aim to produce objects mindfully rather than consume mindlessly. 

Working with over 300 artisans (80% of whom are female), they spin the cotton and weave their textile works of art entirely by hand. Pioneering sustainable production that benefits both the people and the planet, they have recovered native lxcaco, Cuyuscate and Jade cotton, a form of cotton which almost went extinct in the 90s. And partnered with “The New Denim Project” and  now use up-cycled denim for all their blue colors and tones. 

27 years later, Maria and Horacio’s daughter - Luisa - continues to share the magic of handwoven textiles with the world. They innovate continuously, bridging the gap between sustainability, modern design and age-old craftsmanship. In fact, ‘Wayil’ means ‘native’ in indigenous language. An ode to the raw materials and hands that weave each of their stunning pieces.

Material: 100% cotton 

Dimensions: approx. 50cm (w) x 35cm (l)

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As all of our items are handcrafted using all-natural fibers and some plant-based dyes, we’ve put together a few words of advice how to best care for them so they brighten up your home for years to come.


Because these items are made with vintage textiles and may include leather accenting or hardware, we recommend that they are professionally dry cleaned when cleaning is required.


We recommend that cushions, rugs, throws and bed blankets from these collections are dry cleaned. This will ensure that colors retain their luster and fabric its shape. 


Gently wash cushions, bed blankets and throws from these collections by hand, in cool water. Wrap the tassels in rubber bands before washing, use mild soap and line dry to maintain the piece's original shape.


Due to its smooth, non-porous surface made of glass, enamel is bacteria inhibiting and easy to clean. Clean with lime juice and baking soda using the smooth side of the cleaning sponge or a soft brush. 


We recommend hand-washing these fabrics with mild soap. For tie & dye pieces, please wash them at 30°C and striped pieces at 40°C and lay flat to dry. Dry cleaning is recommended for kapok-filled cushion inserts.


Clean with a natural or mild cleanser (avoid harsh chemicals) and a soft cloth.


Vacuum regularly. Rotate every few months to even out wear, especially if the rug is located in a high traffic area. In case of a liquid spill, blot the spot using a white cloth to draw up the liquid; never rub a wet stain to prevent colors from bleeding. If further spot cleaning is required, entrust your rug to a professional dry cleaning service.


While in storage, do not place objects on top of the artwork. Keep handling to a minimum when during the hanging process and hold your print only from the sides.  Fine art papers can scratch easily, so be very careful to avoid scraping anything across the surface of the print.

For cleaning we recommend using a clean, white, dry, soft lint-free cloth to gently wipe off dust and/or dirt. Use a white non-colored cloth will allow you to see when dust has been collected.

It is recommended that you never display giclee prints in direct sunlight and avoid high temperatures and humidity as it can cause yellowing. 

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